≡ Teen Vegan Keeps Winning the Internet With Colorful Desserts ➤ Brain Berries

18-year-old amateur confectioner Jose has been conquering Instagram with his outstanding vegan desserts that look and hopefully taste like heaven. According to him, the idea of creating a dedicated Instagram page with his delicious creations came to him after he tried to find recipes for unusually-looking vegan desserts. Jose admitted that by googling vegan desserts, he was disappointed with the results. The pics looked boring or corny, and as his motto says: “Life is too short to eat boring food,” he decided to take the matter into his own hands.

Most of Jose’s desserts are made from fruits and coconut milk. He is convinced that making a beautiful and tasty dessert is absolutely possible without any harmful additives, and he is absolutely right.

Let’s get our drool buckets and look at some of Jose’s masterpieces!

1. What’s your favorite social media app? Choose wisely!

2. It took Pikachu one little bite to fall asleep.

3. BMO – the best sentient gaming console ever made… or born?

4. If that’s a whole jar of whipped cream, I’m gonna need a bigger spoon!

5. This cake looks like it’s fake, but everything about it is edible, even the paint.

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