≡ Sheila R Giovanni Makes The Most Amazing Hyperrealistic Pencil Drawings ➤ Brain Berries

Being a pencil artist isn’t an easy job. We’ve all had to draw things with pencils when growing up, so hardly anyone considers it a unique skill to have. And to be fair, most pencil drawing isn’t a unique skill at all. Hyperrealistic pencil drawings, however, now that’s a skill only a limited few mortals have. Sheila R Giovanni is one of those mortals, and boy does she know how to make a pencil drawing. Seriously, look at this.

Ofcourse, as you can imagine, she has an Instagram page where you can keep tabs on her work. She usually does portraits, and ofcourse does a lot of superhero work. The way she manages to make these drawings look like a 4K picture is just sublime. No detail is lost whatsoever, and you probably wouldn’t believe these were drawings if someone told you. Thankfully, Sheila also posts “work in progress” pictures where you can see how she goes about making these drawings.

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