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When all this quarantine thing is finally over, people will definitely want to travel and see the world again. But there are both gorgeous places to visit, and areas that the tourists shoud stay away from. At the intersection of these two Venn diagrams are the magical spots that are as beautiful as they are dangerous. From deadly earthquake-prone areas to cities with an abundance of crime. Here is a list of ten places on Earth that you do not want to visit.

1. Sana’a, Yemen
The ancient city of Sana’a has a unique vibe due to its marvelous architecture, but you really don’t want to stay here. This is one of the most politically unstable places in the world with neverending protests, heavily armed police patrolling the streets, and random shots or even explosions echoing through the streets.

2. Grand Canyon, USA
People often think that such a famous tourist spot is perfectly safe, and in general, they are correct. But there have been countless accidents near the river, due to poor equipment and tourists not being fully prepared to tackle this natural wonder. It is also the second most popular place in the United States, where people off themselves.

3. Danakil Desert, Ethiopia
The Danakil Desert in Ethiopia may be one of the harshest locations on the planet, but it is truly a sight to behold. No tourist agency in the world will ever let you visit this desert without signing some sort of a sanity statement, mainly because of the on-going armed conflict with Eritrea where you can get shot, stabbed, and even kidnapped.

4. Naples, Italy
Imagine a huge city with more than a million people living right near a ticking time-bomb filled with hot lava. Naples is surrounded by volcanoes, and if the mountain blows up one day, which it will, it’s only a matter of time, more than a million people may be at risk.

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