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Minecraft is not one of those games where you beat the final boss and stop playing. It’s a living and breathing organism with endless possibilities! Don’t let the blocky graphics discourage you. Minecraft is like an enormous box of LEGO bricks, where you can create anything you want: a hole in the ground you call home, an Irish castle with a pint of Guinness, a giant Swedish meatball, or… something much more massive!

Here are seven mind-blowing places you can visit in Minecraft.

1. Minas Tirith

Yes, the Minas Tirith – the capital city of Gondor. You can actually visit Tolkien’s legendary creation in Minecraft. Players who built this fictional city used every bit of available visual information they could find, as well as Tolkien’s description. If you ever wanted to visit Gondor, this is as close as you’ll ever get, probably.

2. Denmark

Unlike Minas Tirith, Denmark is a real place, but it’s also been recreated in Minecraft. The Danish government has created a scale model of their entire country, and it looks quite good if you don’t mind the flat buildings. This one time US players snuck in some TNT and blew up the virtual Copenhagen.

3. Planet Earth

Imagine one day waking up and finding yourself stuck in a Minecraft version of the real world. Sure it would suck to have zombies and giant spiders roaming around at night, but on the other hand, you can now punch trees to get wood! So yeah, this Earth-MC, let’s call it that, is 16200 by 32400 blocks across, making it a 1:1500 scale model. But clearly, this tiny copy doesn’t do our planet justice, so some 100k players decided to make a 1:1 replica of the entire Earth.

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