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Every year, the beauty standards change depending on different trends in both the fashion industry and the world of show business. Skinny ladies have long been out of date. Chunky is the new fit, and Hollywood is full of plus-size beauties!

1. Melissa McCarthy

Winner of two Emmy awards, two-time Oscar and Golden Globe nominee, and incredibly hilarious person in general, Melissa McCarthy won the hearts of thousands of viewers in a heartbeat. In her own words, she knows that she’s not the norm when it comes to her body, and it never occurred to her that so many women would see her as a role model. Well, guess what? She’s awesome!

2. Rebel Wilson

This Australian actress has appeared in some of the craziest comedies in recent years. Did you know she’s also a business lady? She somehow found the room in her crazy schedule to release a clothing line, the slogan of which is “If you’re too thin, just buy a bag.” If that’s not genius, I don’t know what is.

3. Amy Schumer

The flamboyant and spontaneous comedic actress is renowned for her simple attitude towards life. Anyone could post a photo without makeup, but showing your body to the whole world right after giving birth? Girl’s got balls!

4. Octavia Spencer

All her life, Octavia has been overweight, but that fact does not bother her. The most important thing for her is to be in harmony with her inner self and being happy in her own body. She once said on her Facebook page that if someone feels unwell, they should start with small changes to get better. So don’t just dismiss your weight problems, okay?

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