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Of all the people you would expect to get robbed, can you believe that this includes celebrities too? With all the money that they have at their disposal, they can install any security measure under the sun. But they still end up being the victim of crimes. How does this happen? These celebs have run ins with burglars at their homes, studios and even their storage units. The perpetrators of these crimes have run off with some pretty expensive possessions of some of the most famous celebs. You may be surprised at the celebs that are on this list. Are you ready to see the biggest heists known to Hollywood stars? Here are 11 celebrities who’ve been robbed.


The megastar was the victim of a crime that resulted in over $1 million in lost items. Thieves found a way into Beyonce’s storage unit, which was being rented by her production company Parkwood Entertainment. The storage units were located in Los Angeles, and the thieves made it out with more than a million dollars worth of luxury clothes and handbags.

Kim Kardashian

Yunice Abbas robbed Kim Kardashian in 2016 while she was staying in a hotel in Paris — and then wrote a book about it. Abbas released “I Sequestered Kim Kardashian,” a tell-all about robbing the star. The thief discusses how she stole her jewelry and phone, and then was totally astonished when Tracy Chapman called her phone. She also jokingly jabbed at Kim Kardashian for being robbed in France, but calling the US emergency 911 line. No joking matter was the fact that the robbers held Kardashian at gun point. They apparently made off with $11 million in stolen goods, including her $4 million diamond ring.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

These two were actually at home when thieves broke into their residence through a window. Once they realized that the two were at home, they fled the scene. But they escaped with one tiny prized possession: Shawn Mendes’ Mercedes SUV.

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