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Ever since a young age, Emma Watson yearned to be an actress, attending theater classes at the young age of 6. She got her wish, and as a result practically grew up on the set of Harry Potter. In fact, Watson’s name was synonymous with Hermione Granger, the nerdy and lovable character she played through the HP franchise. 

From a young age, the role formed her identity inside and out. The final Harry Potter film premiered when Watson was just 21 years old, meaning that her entire childhood and teenager years were spent on the Hogwarts set. In 2009, Emma was dubbed Hollywood’s highest-paid female star. But what is she up to today?  Here’s what the actress has been involved with ever since, both in life and career. 

Dealing with the fans

Still, the obsessive “Potterhead” fan base has led to some terrifying stalker situations for this actress, so she doesn’t take fan photos any more. The series made her appreciate privacy more than ever. To this day, the star hates publicity and prefer to keep her personal life private. She feels so passionate about privacy that she starred in The Circle,  a film about the dangers of broadcasting every moment of your life online. 

Playing Hermione influenced her identity as a feminist

Hermione Granger was never afraid to take control and be a total girl boss. That’s why she became a self-proclaimed feminist at such a young age. This also inspired her to become a UN Women’s goodwill ambassador, advocating for the rights of women. In 2013, she gave a phenomenal speech on behalf of the HeForShe campaign, which worked towards encouraging males to be allies for women. In January 2016, Emma launched Our Shared Shelf, a feminist book club shedding light and educating people on gender inequality.

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