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When it comes to spending money, celebrities take the cake. Many celebrities go wild with their spending, which you may think makes sense with a steady flow of cash at all times. The most wealthy stars have made some purchases that might blow your mind. These are the celebs that make more money than most people can even fathom. Some of these buys are everyday items that cost more than you would guess, while other purchases are for things that are really off the wall. If you are ready to see just how much money celebs blow, check out these 8 splurges of the filthy rich. 

Tamara Ecclestone: 1.5 Million Bathtub

She may not be your everyday household name, but Tamara Ecclestone spends dough like any popular celeb you may know. The daughter of Formula One chief executive Ecclestone, Tamara purchased a custom-made crystal bathtub that went for over $1 million, with the crystal inlays costing over $800,000.

LeBron James: $1.5 Million Fitness Investment Yearly

What makes LeBron such an amazing athlete? His talent, drive and work ethic for sure are huge reasons for his consistently successful career. But the $1.5 million he invests in his health and fitness every year can’t hurt either. This is spread between his private chefs, masseuse, full gym in his house, personal trainers, and much more. 

Johnny Depp: $3 Million to Scatter Ashes

Having a very close relationship with the famous author Hunter S. Thompson, Johnny Depp went all out to scatter the ashes of his friend when he passed away. He reportedly spent $3 million on the event to blast Thompson’s ashes from a cannon. He even created a 150 foot tower that was emblazoned with the special signature symbol of Thompson, a “double-thumbed clenched fist clutching a peyote button,” according to the New York State Writers Institute. This was all carried out according to Thompson’s will and wishes.

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