She dipped a dress into the Dead Sea for 2 years. When She took it out it became a masterpiece of salt






It was completely white, as if it were a beautiful sculpture of crystals.



What I admire about certain people is their magnificent imagination to be able to become so creative. For her recent project, the Israeli artist, sigalit landau, decided to dip a black dress into the Dead Sea, a high place in salt. This whole adventure started in 2014 and a couple of years later they took out the beautiful dress, becoming nothing less than a masterpiece of salt crystals around. It’s beautiful oooo!


She is siglati landau, a spectacular Israeli artist, known for her tremendous creativity and imagination. Her most recent project is called “salty bride”, and the representation is a dress submerged for 2 years in the Dead Sea.



The project consisted of 8 photos that would show us all the process by which the dress went under the water.


salt-dress-dead-sea-salt-bride-sigalit-landau-12 2

Sigalit Landau





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