≡ 8 Longest LGBTQ+ Celebrity Relationships ➤ Brain Berries

Tan France and Rob France

Tan France met Rob France over a decade ago on a dating app. They initially became close because of the similarities in their religious beliefs and lifestyle choices. They were married in 2007. 

Lily Tomlin and Jane Wagner

How’s 50 years for a long-lasting relationship? Lily Tomlin met Jane Wagner over 50 decades ago, and the rest is history. They initially connected when Tomlin asked writer Wagner to help her with characterization for a project she was in. Tomlin describes their first encounter as love at first sight. They teamed up in love and in careers, creating amazing comedies in the 80’s and 90’s. They married in 2013. 

George Takei and Brad Altman

When Star Trek star Takei joined a running group in the 80’s, he met Brad Altman, who was also a member of the fitness group. They started dating, but kept their relationship a secret for nearly 18 years. They went public with their love for each other in 2005, and happily tied the knot in 2008. “We truly are a team — me as the actor, writer, activist and Brad as the manager, scheduler and all-around essential guy. And we love being able to share our lives and our livelihood,” Takei told Variety. 

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