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Reality shows like The Bachelor and Bachelorette thrive off of drama and a good storyline. The entertainment level of those storylines is dependent on how much chaos the villains of the show can stir up. There have been several shady and morally corrupt contestants on The Bachelor and Bachelorette, which have all made for some really great television. But who are the worst of the worst, the most treacherous of them all? Check out these The Bachelor and Bachelorette’s 9 biggest villains, ranked from bad to horrible to deplorable. 

Olivia Caridi, The Bachelor Season 20 

A newscaster, Olivia Caridi was envied by most of the other contestants on season 20 of The Bachelor because she was always stealing the guy from everyone else. She eventually gained more sympathy as her looks were called into question, being made fun of for her feet and mouth. 

Samantha Steffen, The Bachelor Season 19

While she was only on the 19th season of The Bachelor for a short while, she made waves while she lasted. After trying to make up a backstory about how she knew the Bachelor, her lies were exposed. 

Chad Johnson, The Bachelorette Season 12

This luxury real estate agent only lasted two episodes on season 12 of The Bachelorette, but made quite an impression during his short stint. He made history by being one of the hungriest contestants ever, who also had the strange exercise routine of chaining his suitcase to his waist while doing pull-ups. He also made waves when he refused to describe what he loved about the bachelorette since he had only just met her — which actually makes a lot of sense. What a novel idea!

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