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You have probably heard that many products are bad for you. There have been hundreds of studies conducted around the world, proving time and time again that junk food lives up to its name. But since it’s so delicious, people are hesitant to quit their favorite snacks. Maybe some of you, dear readers, will take it to heart and find the strength to dump the dishes that make you sick.

Here are the nine most harmful foods you should avoid eating at all costs!

1. Packaged milk

Fresh milk is definitely a very healthy and delicious product. But what about milk poured into a vat from thousands of different cows, some of which could carry diseases? Or even worse, the dehydrated milk. Oh yeah, that’ll hit the spot.

2. Potato chips

To be honest, this delicious product from hell deserves its own article. Each pack of crispy, salty snacks contains a huge amount of preservatives, trans fats, artificial flavors, and other amazing additions to your daily diet.

3. Artificial sweeteners

Sugar in large quantities is, of course, bad. But all the sweeteners you are using to replace it are even worse. They have long been known to cause metabolic syndrome with type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

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