≡ 8 Female Psycho Killers Who Changed the Horror Genre ➤ Brain Berries

Women have been labeled the “weaker sex” for centuries, even though some ladies can be many times more dangerous than any man. The classic adage “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is a perfect illustration of the power that any woman can wield if she chooses to do so. Don’t believe me? Then look at these horror movies!

1. Misery

In this adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name, the role of Annie Wilks was played by Katie Bates. She is a big fan of one Paul Sheldon — a famous writer. One day Paul gets into a car accident near Annie’s house, and she starts taking care of him like he’s some VIP. But after learning that Sheldon was going to kill off her favorite character from the novels, Annie breaks the writer’s legs and forces him to come up with a new ending.

2. Basic Instinct

Sharon Stone’s serial killer Catherine Tramell does not look insane; she does not have a craving for violence and doesn’t hate her victims. On the contrary, she hides her true intentions behind a mask of charm and sexual attraction. But this only makes Catherine more dangerous because none of her cold-blooded murders stagger her even a little.

3. Serial Mom

Here, the main character is an exemplary housewife — a loving wife, a caring mother, a friendly neighbor, and a respectable citizen. But something evil slumbers inside this impeccable lady. As soon as her kids and husband leave for work or school, mommy goes to dish out justice in her own peculiar way. No-one is safe from her unleashed fury, not even pesky children, impudent merchants, or casual randos.

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