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In today’s crazy world, celebrity status can make a person virtually invulnerable. However, it might surprise you that some Hollywood stars don’t even care about basic hygiene, not to mention their other strange habits. Just a fair warning, you won’t be able to purge this information from your memory. Some of these facts may turn you against your favorite celebs, so tread carefully.

Jessica Alba

Jessica was never fond of birds. Quite the opposite, she’s scared to death of these feathery menaces. But in the movie “Good Luck Chuck,” she played an ornithologist, working with the penguins at the zoo, which was incredibly brave of her.

Brad Pitt

Brad is one of the most famous people in Hollywood. Millions of fans around the world love him, but he is far from perfect. In one of the interviews, he admitted to constantly picking his nose and ears. In his defense, we all do it, right?

Orlando Bloom

According to eyewitnesses, Bloom can wear the same clothes for months without washing them, does not shower regularly, and lets his dog sleep in his bed. Some argue that it was his dirty habits that led to the divorce with Miranda Kerr.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson hides a rather dirty secret behind her blinding smile: she brushes her teeth only three times a week. She admitted that freshly cleaned teeth seem too smooth to her, and she prefers to wipe them with her shirt instead of a toothbrush.

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