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When you’re a celebrity, what do you get that special someone in your life? A set of bath towels from Target/Tesco? A used 2012 Honda Civic? A romantic weekend getaway for two in Davenport, Iowa? If you answered “yes” to any of these gift options, it might be time to reconsider your relationship. The truth is, when you’re famous and have millions of dollars to spare, you have to go all-out. You have to think outside the box and give your friend/partner/spouse something that’s only available to a small handful of people. To help generate some ideas, consider these 8 crazy, lavish gifts that celebrities have given their loved ones. 

1. A Bunch of Burger King Franchises

Buying your wife a Whopper with extra cheese and hold-the-mayo is a pretty nice gesture. But if you’re Kanye West, you take things to the next level and buy wife Kim Kardashian 10 Burger Kings. And not just a bunch of BK restaurants in Los Angeles either. She owns the right to open franchises in far flung places like Rome, France and London because why not? However, more than 6 years after she received this wedding gift, none of the Burger Kings have actually materialized. 

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2. A Ticket to Space

In the summer of 2010, Katy Perry bought then-husband Russel Brand a $200,000 ticket to reserve a place on board Virgin Galactic’s maiden space voyage as a 35th birthday present.  If it ever takes place, he would have the opportunity to experience weightlessness from 365,000 feet up in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, more than 10 years on, it doesn’t appear that it will ever happen. Not only did the pair split up after 14 months of marriage, after years of promises, Virgin Galactic space tourism still isn’t a thing as of early 2021. 

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3. $3,000 Wheel of Cheese

For some people, a few slices of American cheese will suffice when hunger strikes. But supermodel Chrissy Teigen isn’t most people. She’s John Legend’s wife, and for a while when she ate pasta or risotto, she dumped it into a huge parmesan wheel. She has stated that it weighed over 300 pounds and was intended to last for years, but alas it got tossed out after less than 2 months. What was the deal? They were renovating their home and according to Teigen they didn’t have a fridge large enough to store it in the meantime. You’d think that with his reported net worth of $75 million, Legend could probably figure out a way to keep it going.

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