Celebrities Who Have Tested Positive For COVID 19 》

Every day we keep hearing about more and more people who test positive for COVID-19. It’s hard to tell if the statistics are true since not everyone is being tested, and there are people who have no symptoms at all but still have COVID-19. It’s important to keep this thing at bay and to practice self-isolation at this weird time. No one is immune to this, not even celebrities. In fact here are a few of the celebs who tested positive and shared the news with the world in order to tell people about the importance of self-isolation.

1. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks and Rita
Wilson were the first celebrities we found about who tested positive for
COVID-19. Tom posted a photo on Instagram and said that him and his wife are in
Australia. They were feeling a bit tired and had some flu like symptoms so they
were tested and the results came back positive. They’re self isolating for the
time being and doing what the doctors tell them to do. They have since returned
to LA and are still staying put in their house in accordance with government

2. Idris Elba and Sabrina Dhowre

Idris Elba revealed on
March 16th via twitter that he tested positive. He says he doesn’t have any
symptoms so far and is feeling absolutely alright. The reason he got tested was
because he was in contact with someone who previously revealed to have
COVID-19. He’s staying in self-isolation with his wife and keeping his spirits
high. On March 21 his wife Sabrina tested positive for COVID-19 as well.

3. Boris Johnson

Britain’s Prime Minister
has announced via Twitter that he tested positive for COVID-19. Boris says he
only has mild symptoms and intends to stay at home but will continue to work
and communicate with his colleagues online with the help of video chats and
conferences. He’s sure that together we will all be able to beat this.

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