6 Common Everyday Things That People Used To Hate 》

You know how modern people are afraid of finding GMOs in their food or self-driving cars that won’t hesitate to sacrifice one driver for a bunch of criminals crossing the road? Every controversial invention since the dawn of time has been viewed as strange, dangerous, or even magical. It takes time for new concepts to settle down and become normal. But sometimes, when we look back at our ancestors, it’s really hard to understand what the hell they were thinking. Let’s dive in!

1. Cars

Nowadays, we can’t imagine our lives without cars, but some 100 years ago, people hated these noisy, smelly machines. You see, horses were much slower but also much more manageable. The fuel-guzzling steel death traps, aka early cars, however, were still new territory. You see, back in the day, the roads were for people. But when the cars started to take over, many citizens were unaware that the machines were dangerous. Simply speaking, the early cars bumped a lot of folks and had to follow some dumb rules like constantly honking to make your presence known. By 1925, car accidents accounted for over 65% of all accidents in the US. It’s like if people could fly, but then jets were invented.

2. Passport Photos

What did people use to identify themselves before photos were available? I’ve personally never even wondered about that, but the answer is “a physical description.” Up until World War I, the British government was strictly against adding photos to the passports. Then suddenly, they noticed that enemy spies started visiting the country whenever they want, and that’s when they realized things had to change. So instead of degrading descriptions, the Brits were also required to include their picture.

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