≡ Gwen Stefani’s Transformation Through The Years ➤ Brain Berries

Whether she’s rocking pink hair on stage or a glamorous dress on the red carpet, Gwen Stefani always shines brighter than everyone else. During her three-decade-long career, the famous singer has gone through a lot of changes in her style, so we decided to go through some of her more fashionable metamorphoses.

1) The Hindu-Punk Stage (1990-1999)

During her career, Gwen radically changed her image several times. In the early 1990s, when her band “No Doubt” was dominating the global music charts, she was fascinated by Indian culture. Back then, she was often seen wearing a bindi, the traditional red dot on her forehead, which quickly became a popular accessory among young fashionistas. The bindi, combined with fancy hairstyles, cherry-red lipstick, and sari, were definitely a part of her most iconic 90s look.

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