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It seems a bit strange to talk about movies and
complain about being bored when self-isolating during a worldwide
pandemic, but that’s the reality we live in. Healthcare systems are
crumbling under the pressure of thousands of sick people and a new
unknown virus and we’re told that the only way to stop this and
essentially save the world is to stay at home. This in itself sounds
like a plot for a movie. But hey, we can’t keep thinking about this
24/7, we need a distraction. Something to take us out of this
situation we’re in and give us a different narrative to follow. So
here are the best movies on Netflix to watch on quarantine.

The Irishman

We’ve all heard
about this Oscar-nominated movie, but 3 and a half hours long and
some of us just can’t spend that much time sitting down in the
cinema when we could be doing something else. Well, now we definitely
have the time, so make some of that microwave popcorn, get
comfortable and dive into the gangster drama starring the legendary
Al Pacino, Rober De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Marriage Story

Marriage story is
a heartbreaking movie, but sometimes we need something like this to
just get all of our emotions out and have a good cry. It’s a story
of a divorce that will touch you like no other love story will and
it’ll leave you broken yet reborn at the end of it.

Kate & Leopold

Now that we got
those oscar nominated movies out of the way it’s time for some
feel-good classics. If you’ve not seen Kate Leo before you’re in
for a great ride. If you have, you already know that it’s a perfect
combination of Hugh jackman in period costume being the perfect
gentleman and Meg Ryan being a super lucky lady who gets to deal with
this confused but very handsome stranger.

The Talented Mr Ripley

Matt Damon and
Jude Law in one movie, what else could you possibly want. It’s an
old-time classic at this point and the plot of this movie is so far
from our reality at this point that it’ll feel like a fantasy
movie, and who doesn’t want to watch a fantasy about a spoiled rich
playboy enjoying his life in Italy starring Jude Law?

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