≡ Hungarian Couple Found the Best Way to Deal With Quarantine Blues ➤ Brain Berries

Everyone is going through this quarantine period doing their best to stay safe and sane, but Fanni Kovács and her partner, Norbert Hosszú, chose the most fun way to take advantage of the endless hours spent locked in their apartment in Pécs, Hungary.

people take up knitting, others teach themselves useful life skills,
or get better at what they already do for a living. But not this
couple! Instead of re-watching the good old movies on Netflix, HBO,
or whatever, like the rest of the world, they decided to recreate
some of the most iconic scenes in recent movie history. And just to
make things more interesting, they’re using tools, props, and
clothes from their personal home collection. Anything goes, as far as
we’re concerned: empty tuna cans, bad wigs, small kitchen
appliances, and even cocai- of wait, that’s just regular flour.

see what their creative minds have come up with!

1. This Rocky poster looks even better with the kitchen glove.

2. It’s definitely from the Shawshank Redemption

3. Finally, those creepy face masks came in handy.

4. Ralph Ruins Movie Posters?

5. So that’s why everyone was buying tons of toilet paper.

6. It’s okay, Mr. Stark, I know how to handle goop!

7. You can barely tell which photo was taken in 2020.

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