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Downloadable content, or DLC for short, is something of a double-bladed sword. Before DLCs were a thing, the games were a one and done deal. You’d spend that hard-earned money for a premium game, knowing that you’re getting everything from soundtracks to the story. However, with the expansion of the Internet, the developers realized that new games take more time to make, and the price is still the same. So what did they do? They started cutting their games into pieces, creating downloadable chunks, sold separately.

However, some DLCs were made for the gamers, either furthering the plot or building upon it to create a whole new experience. With that in mind, let’s see the top 9 DLC’s of all time!

1. Trespasser – Dragon Age: Inquisition
Judging by the feedback from gamers, Inquisition is a good-but-not-great child of the epic Dragon Age franchise. It’s better than the second part, but can’t compete with the Origins. Moreover, many do not like Inquisition for a messy ending that does not explain anything. Well, good thing Bioware made the Trespasser DLC, which fixes a lot of inconsistencies, and makes the game more enjoyable.

2. The Lost Crowns – Dark Souls II
Dark Souls II divided the fanbase, splitting it right in the middle. Some claimed that the level design was too simple, the bosses were uninspired, and in general, everything was different from the original Dark Souls. But when The Lost Crowns DLC came out, everyone collectively shut up. Fume Knight, Sinh, and The Ivory King quickly reminded the players about the good old suffering.

3. Air, Land, and Sea – Just Cause 3
Just Cause has always been about non-stop, ridiculous action. It was one of the most bombastic sandboxes in the history of the gaming industry. How do you improve perfection? They gave Rico a jetpack and a combat mecha. They even added some story content, but who needs it when you can demolish everything around you!

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