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We all know Sophie Turner as the talented actress who played Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones. That show was a huge career booster for her and made her a world-famous celebrity. But do you know anything about Sophie outside of her role on GOT? She’s changed so much over the years, but she’s always been talented and creative, as long as her parents can remember. So let’s take a look at how Sophie has grown and transformed over the years.

Class As A Toddler

Sophie has had a
very early start when it comes to acting. Her mother took her to a
local drama class when she was only three. Her mom didn’t really
know at the time that it would become her daughter’s career, she
just wanted to have an hour to herself and enjoy a cup of coffee
while the kid gets to play around in drama class.

Down Ballet

Sophie was pretty
good at ballet as a kid. She even got a place at the Royal Ballet
School but in the end, she decided to turn it down because it
conflicted with her acting class schedule. She has since joked that
she is too tall and likes pasta too much to become a decent

Youth Theater Kid

Sophie spent a
lot of her time in youth theater as a kid. She has praised The
Playbox as the best thing that happened to her because it was a place
where you were encouraged to try different things but never forced to
conform and become a specific type of actor. She says that’s the
place that built her confidence which led to her auditioning for Game
Of Thrones.

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