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The protest happening in America following the murder of George Floyd have taken over the country and are spreading over the world. What happened to George Floyd was the last drop, but the problem of institutionalised racism and police brutality is far from being just an American issue. It’s something we should all think about and educate ourselves on. And while protesting is tricky in current social distancing times people are still taking to the streets and protesting against this injustice and showing their stance on the situation and showing support. Many celebrities have joined the movement, some have been vocal online and used their platform to spread information and voices of those who deserve to be heard right now and some have actually joined protests on the streets of their cities. Let’s take a look at some of the celebs that have been spotted protesting on the streets, with the rest of the country.

1. Ariana Grande
and Jamie Fox have been seen protesting on the streets, joining the
peaceful marches and exercising their right to protest.

Singer Halsey has been out protesting on the frontlines and has
shared photos and videos on her Instagram story, saying that they
were tear-gassed by the police and she was hit with rubber bullets
even though they were peaceful. She did clarify that she’s not
seriously hurt and hasn’t been arrested.

3. Machine Gun
Kelly and Yungblud protesting out on the streets, using reasonable
precautions by wearing masks to protect themselves.

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