≡ What Happened To Cute Little Georgie Henley After Narnia? ➤ Brain Berries

grow up so fast. Especially when you only see them once in a couple
of years on a big movie screen. Remember
the adorable Lucy from Narnia? She is
already 24, and has grown into a beautiful swan!

years have passed since the release of “The Lion, the Witch, and
the Wardrobe.” Ever since then, many exciting events happened in
Georgie’s life, and sadly, not all of them were as magical as in her
adventures in Narnia.

was a real tomboy in her early years, and her parents tried to
channel this chaotic energy into something more peaceful, like
acting! After a few semi-successful photo shoots and commercials, she
scored a big one. When the casting for Narnia was announced, Georgie
was eight years old, just like her character, Lucy. In other words,
the stars have aligned! This might have given her the edge over other

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