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Macaulay Culkin is probably one of the most controversial people in Hollywood. After reaching stardom at a very young age, he pretty much went off the rails and spent most of his money on things no human being should spend money on. He was persona non grata for at least a few decades, but he’s seemingly working himself back in the spotlights now. Heck, he even asked JK Rowling for a part in one of the Harry Potter movie things.

Let’s take a look at some of the movies that put Macaulay on the map, before he wiped himself off it again.

The Pagemaster

This mix between live-action movie and cartoon was certainly unique and weird at the time it came out. The movie hasn’t aged well at all, but it was a must see for kids of the mid 90s.

Home Alone

We have to add this one, don’t we? Despite the movie being a cringeworthy experience for most adults, it’s a perfectly entertaining kids movie about a kid who – purposefully, apparently – gets left behind while his parents go on a trip. He uses kid shenanigans to fight off a few mentally challenged burglars and hilarity ensues.

Uncle Buck

One of the only movies Macaulay did before the above mentioned Home Alone, Uncle Buck was the one that put him in the spotlight to become the child star we’ve all come to love for at least a few years. Uncle Buck, like most movies on this list, doesn’t have a plot that’s worth remembering. That also means it’s not worth remembering in a bad way, though.

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