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While it might not seem like your eye color would have a huge impact on your life (and honestly, it doesn’t), somewhat scientific attempts at linking eye color to personality traits have been moderately successful. It’s hard to get really shocking results when it turns out about four out of five people have brown eyes, but that’s never stopped science before.

Grains of salt notwithstanding, let’s take a look at some things that your eye color might be able to tell you about yourself. Or about others.


People with brown eyes (which is, again, about 80% of the population) were found to be more trustworthy, intelligent, and kind. So either most people are really friendly, or people are just bad at judging how trustworthy someone is.


Creativity seems to be mostly linked to green eyes. Don’t forget, this mostly means that people perceive green-eyed people as creative, that doesn’t actually mean that people with green eyes are the creative geniuses of their time.


People with hazel eyes seem to do well under pressure. They’re also generally quite passionate people, especially when it comes to their work.

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