≡ French Artist Shows Video Game Characters’ Overwhelming Inventory! ➤ Brain Berries

Linda Bouderbala is an art director, illustrator, and character designer from Paris, France. Like any modern artist, every time she plays RPGs, she gets inspired to draw her favorite characters or locations. After playing Pokemon Sword for a while, she had noticed that although there are hundreds of items in her character’s backpack, she can still run, bike, and go anywhere, as if by magic. But in real life, everything would be completely different.

So, Linda thought to herself: “Why don’t I illustrate how the game characters would really look carrying their items without any Bags of Holding or magic.” And that’s exactly what she did! She took her favorite games and showed just how much stuff the players are carrying. The attention to detail in her works is just incredible!

Let’s look at some of the coolest video game characters and the semi-realistic depiction of their overstuffed inventories.

1. Breath of the Wild

Here’s the OG simp link, with his neverending slew of weapons, shields, magical tools, bombs, and other useful stuff. Some of it may come in handy one day!

2. Skyrim

The cheese wheels alone should take up like 90% of Dovakin’s inventory space.

3. Resident Evil

Imagine running away from zombies with all this stuff in your backpack!

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