≡ Realistic Food Embroidery That’ll Make You Salivate ➤ Brain Berries

You might think you’ve seen everything at this point and nothing can surprise you anymore, but I’m pretty sure that this embroidery artist will manage to do so. They go by @ipnot on Instagram and their embroidery is so realistic you’ll be blown away. Trust me when I say you’ve legitimately never seen embroidery that looked so cool before.

We’d say it’s out of this world, but the subject matter is actually very common and borderline mundane. The artist creates mostly food based embroidery, but it’s the technique and the realism of it that’s unbelievable.

This Japanese based embroidery artist has been introduced to embroidery from a young age. They’ve seen their grandmother do it and were inspired to try and learn this craft. They tried many techniques of embroidery, but their favorite is the French knot. It’s a way of creating embroidery one knot at a time. They say they use the thread and needle similar to how painters might use a paintbrush, creating their artworks one brushstroke, or in this case, one knot at a time.

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