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Celebrities tend to look perfect a lot of the time. They have the best style, the most flattering haircut, the coolest hair color, the best makeup, etc. But they didn’t always look like that. When most of them were just starting out in showbusiness they looked completely different and it took a lot of trial and error, some hired stylists, and obviously a personal evolution to arrive at the place that they are today. Few of them like to think back and look back at the times when they were just figuring it out. But we thought it would be interesting and also helpful for all those who idolise celebs, to take a look at some of these celebs who underwent a radical makeover.


This Columbian singer didn’t always look like this. He has a distinctive style now and is looking cool, collaborating with Madonna and making movies with Jennifer Lopez. But at the beginning of his career, you’d never be able to pick him out of a lineup.

Justin Bieber

Justin had quite an upheaval of an upbringing in the spotlight. All those questionable choices, all those scandals. He’s all married, tattooed and sometimes moustachioed, but do you remember that baby face and bowl cut he was sporting when he just started out?

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie has definitely gone through phases with her look, remember that whole Morticia Adams thing she was going for back in the day? But what’s interesting is what she looked like before she really became famous. This is Angelina in her early days, obviously gorgeous, but far from the epitome of grace and elegance that she’s known for now.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner went from an average, awkward freckly teen to a self-made billionaire. I mean, we still don’t know how we feel about the fact that she’s only 23 but already looks like she’s in her late twenties and has a 2-year-old kid, but she definitely went through a makeover, one that definitely involved not only stylists but also cosmetic procedures.

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