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Over 90 years have passed since the world first witnessed the adorable little orphan named Annie. But most of you have only seen the 1982 adaptation by John Huston. The movie features many Broadway stars, but the most memorable of them all was a little kid – Aileen Quinn, who played Annie. By the way, did you know she was one of 20k kids who auditioned for this role? Now that’s either insane luck or a great talent. I bet my bottom dollar it’s actually both!

So what was she doing after fame reached her? Let’s find out!

1. TV Commercials

This shouldn’t come off a surprise to anyone, but child stars are like hot buns for the marketers. Everyone loves them and will probably buy whatever they’re selling. Aileen Quinn, after her big success, showed a limitless potential for TV commercials.

2. She kept waiting for the sequels

The creators of Annie put Aileen under a 7-year contract, which did not allow her to star in any other movies. See, they were hoping to get some sequels in, but despite the movie’s success, something must have gone wrong. Either way, by the time her contract was up, nobody remembered her. That’s when she decided to get a proper education.

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