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The ancient Egyptian civilization is still a mystery wrapped in an enigma, even after all those millennia and thousands of astounding discoveries. Once in a while, the scientists will unearth something new, something mysterious, like an artifact, or an unknown royal sarcophagus. And it’s great if the puzzle pieces click, but sometimes it is simply impossible to explain the new discoveries. Let’s see what you think!

1. The Lost Queen

Have you ever heard the name Nefertiti? This famous Egyptian queen was the wife of Pharaoh Akhenaten. Her name is mentioned in ancient scrolls, and the sculpture of her head has survived to this day. I have to say, she’s a real looker! But in the twelfth year of her husband’s reign, suddenly the name Nefertiti disappeared from all sources as if she’d never existed. Moreover, despite her being the Pharaoh’s wife, her mummy is yet to be found.

2. Ancient Egyptian Electricity

There’s a Hathor temple in the city of Dendera on the West Bank of the Nile. Inside the temple, in secret rooms, there is a fantastically preserved bas-relief depicting devices that look like electric lamps with a discharge arc instead of an incandescent filament. Scientists speculate that this arrangement of signs is a warning that the device could be dangerous if used improperly. But it can’t be electricity, can it?

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