≡ 7 Scientifically-Proven Diet Tips for Men ➤ Brain Berries

New year, new you. And if you’re a man, odds are COVID lockdown hasn’t been too flattering for your well-maintained physique. Let’s face it, you’re not going outside anyway and you don’t really care much for how you look. No one will ever really know that you’ve been collecting weight like Thanos collects Infinity Stones.

But if you want this secret well-hidden, it might pay to start getting rid of your lockdown body to be ready for whenever we can go outside again. Here’s a few diet tips.


I know, exercise is hard and it costs a lot of energy. It’s frankly quite boring too – why are you running in circles? It’s still a tried-and-true method of getting rid of excess weight though. If you don’t want to eat less, you have to burn more energy.

Fruits and Vegetables 

Not exactly as appetizing as steak and beer, but fruits and veggies can help your body get back into a somewhat normal metabolism. You can’t be healthy without getting the necessary vitamins inside of your body!

Eat Fish 

In fact, trying to (re)gain a muscled tone will really pay off if you’re eating fish two to three times a week. They’re full of all the healthy stuff you need and some omega 3 fatty acids, which really helps your body build and maintain muscle mass.

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