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Everyone is talking about the best things that happened in 2020, presumably to dull the excruciating pain, but it doesn’t mean we should avoid highlighting the bad stuff. We learn from our mistakes, and after watching these eight TV shows, we all realized where the bottom line was really drawn.

Here’s the list of worst 2020 TV shows you should only watch if you have absolutely nothing better to, including watching paint dry in winter weather.

1. The Goop Lab

Right off the bat, we’re getting stuck in some nasty goo(p). The Goop brand is Gwyneth Paltrow’s love child that’s meant to promote a healthy lifestyle by selling horrifically overpriced products to gullible customers. And the Goop Labs was a Netflix show, made to show us what’s going on behind the curtains. Too bad we already know it’s all a big scam that they’re trying to cover up with science and smart words. Look, if you spend 20 bucks on a piece of paper that’s supposedly vibrating at otherworldly frequencies, you’ve been had. Oh, and the show itself was really dull too.

2. Emily in Paris

Next up is “Emily in Paris” —  an incredibly dumb sitcom from the creators of “Sex and the City.” Don’t worry, I’m not being too harsh on it. All you have to do is watch the first episode (but don’t, actually), and you’ll see how flat and outdated the jokes are. Just watch “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” if you want some cheap laughs.

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3. Space Force

Steve Carell’s involvement in a project is almost always a sign that it will do great or at least that the fans will love it. We say “almost” because there have been a couple of duds in his career, including Netflix’s “Space Force.” As a fan of the US Office, it was painful for me to watch this mockumentary. Of course, it’s not all bad, but the majority of jokes felt like they were written either for or by 5-year-olds. And then it gets political for a while, falls flat on its face, and nobody wins. Good luck next time!

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