Is Avril Lavigne Really Dead? 》

When we think of conspiracy theories we tend to think of flat earthers, the Illuminati or the moon landing. But of course, conspiracy theorists don’t limit themselves to these topics. They tend to theorise about anything and everything from politics and politicians to UFOs and celebrities. But when it comes to celebrities it’s usually about really legendary ones. Like we’ve all heard a theory that Elvis is still alive or that Michael Jackson faked his funeral just to get away from all the horrible rumours and to retire from the spotlight. Some of these theories are more convincing than others but what we didn’t expect is a rumour about Avril Lavigne dying.

Is Avril Lavigne Dead?

theory of Avril Lavigne being dead originated around 2005.
Apparently, it all started on a Brazillian fan forum and people
bought into the idea that Avril actually died and now instead of her
it’s her double who is pretending to be her and enjoying the
benefits of celebrity life. It sounds crazy but wait will we get into
the actual conspiracy.

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