8 Potential Hit Movies That Were Never Made 》

Producing a film is a massive risk for the studio and all those involved in the shooting process. That’s, of course, unless the movie is a safe bet, like a sequel to Star Wars or the Avengers. Sometimes the risk is not justified, and the film fails, and sometimes, on the contrary, it becomes a hit for no apparent reason.

There are also some projects that have not been given a fair chance and get stuck in development hell, so the world will never know what would come out of them. Do we really need Forest Gump 2 or Superman Lives with Nick Cage? I guess we’ll never find out.

So here are nine potential hit movies that were never made.

1. Mortal Kombat 3

Although the critics didn’t exactly love the first Mortal Kombat, the audience liked it. Even today, it’s considered a classic. The sequel turned out to be much worse than the original, and everyone hated it. But guess what, they’d already planned the third part only to realize that “Annihilation” was a box office failure. They even had the first draft of the script! Alas, the world will not see that masterpiece.

2. Halo

Gamers have been waiting for a high-quality adaptation of their favorite games. And so one day, Microsoft decided to transfer their legendary Halo series to the big screen. They got a great writer, and producer, but the movie studios could not agree with Microsoft on the work process. As a result, the Halo movie got trashed, but years later, we still got the mini-series.

3. World War Z 2

The first film had its issues: the script was rewritten a bunch of times, there were problems with the police, and the production budget went overboard. After the movie had moderate success at the box office, it was decided to shoot the sequel, which we were supposed to get in 2019. So what happened? They could not find a screenwriter or director; the lead actors had scheduling issues, and so on. No World War Z 2 for us, I guess.

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