Top Wonders of the Technological World 》

Technology is quite a
thing to behold. Over the last decades technology has expanded exponentially
and we’ve come across some truly groundbreaking stuff. Let’s not waste any more
time and look at science’s greatest hits.


Being able to know
where on the planet you are is honestly a gift from techno-Jesus if you have as
much orientation as I do. I couldn’t drive anywhere without a GPS, so thanks to
this technological marvel I can see the outside world every once in a while.
Not too much, though.

The Internet

You can read this, I
can put this on a place where you can read it, and we can all communicate with
each other irregardless of distance. The internet has changed the world forever
and I doubt any of us could really go back.

Magnetic Resonance

Thanks to this
invention, we can literally look inside someone’s body. If that’s not something
that shows you the true potential of technology and how far we’ve come, I’m not
sure what else will convince you. The MRI has saved thousands, maybe millions
of lives since its creation.

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