Actors Who Had No Idea A Character Was Going To Die 》

Actors don’t really hide the fact that they don’t read every line of the script like they should. And there’s also of course actors not reading the source material and/or production companies hiding the true story from their own actors. All these factors can lead to some awkwardness, where people are filming and the actors have no clue who’s going to die on screen.

Let’s take a look at some awkward filming situations where people had no idea someone was going to die.

The Snapped Avengers

Infinity War saw half of the universe
getting snapped by Thanos, including more than half of the Avengers cast up
until then. Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, pretty much all the Guardians of the
Galaxy, Black Panther, Winter Soldier, … They all got snapped right in front of
us. And as it turns out, the people on set didn’t know who was getting snapped
until right before filming the scene either. Talk about spoiler containment!

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