10 Secrets of Success from the World’s Richest Man – Elon Musk 》

Thanks to the Tesla shares recently going up by 5% on January 7, 2020, the company’s founder and main owner, 49-year-old Elon Musk, became the richest man in the world, bumping Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos down to the second place. As of January 10, Musk reached a staggering benchmark — $209 billion (that’s $23 billion more than Bezos has). This gigantic achievement is the result of all the hard work he did in the past 12 months, during which his fortune grew by nearly $150 billion!

If you’re curious about how Elon Musk was able to achieve such success and want to learn from his experience, here are some tips from the creator of Tesla and SpaceX.

1. Self-education

Self-education is the path to success, according to Musk. He used to read encyclopedias instead of fiction books, like his peers. And today, each of us has access to Google, Wiki, and a bunch of free and premium learning courses that we can access anywhere, anytime. Also, according to Musk, the time spent scrolling social networks won’t lead to anything good. Memes don’t make dreams!

2. Stop complaining and find solutions

This one’s pretty obvious: don’t give up! Instead of complaining about problems and circumstances, you need to use your head and find the most efficient solution. And you get bonus points if that solution is something innovative.

3. Forget about your competitors

You shouldn’t pay attention to your puny competitors. Instead, it is much better to spend all that energy on creating new higher-quality products and leave your enemies on thin ice.

4. Never mind the critics

Even though it is important to listen to constructive criticism, most of the “critics” have no idea what they’re talking about. The good kind of feedback can often help you make the right decisions and improve your product.

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