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It’s quite a wonderful time to be alive as a geek. Everything that
people considered lame and nerdy a couple of decades back, has
suddenly made it to the mainstream and become the new normal. With
the rapid evolution of technology, we’ve also come to accept as a
society that being tech-savvy and fascinated with technology is now a
good thing.

With geeks becoming more and more popular, some movies in recent and
not-so-recent history have been far more widely accepted to watch.
Where some might have been too futuristic or unrealistic at the time
they were released, we’ve now broadened our horizons and accepted
that the potential for the future is, in fact, limitless.

And since we’re all still mostly in lockdown, here’s a few
incredible geek movies that you can watch.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

The ultimate geek movie is Terminator 2: Judgment Day. It has
pretty much everything a geek could want: Arnold Schwarzenegger at
his prime, robots, over-the-top action, a storyline involving rogue
AI and the apocalypse, … There hasn’t been a movie so gloriously
perfect since this one, and there won’t be for quite a while. This
was also the last good Terminator movie, so don’t watch anything
past this one.

Avengers: Endgame

What’s better for a geek than to see a movie where an actual army
of superheroes takes on the army of a menacing villain, in a
storyline that in true comic fashion has been building up for a
decade across several properties?


While this movie wasn’t really that popular when it released, we
can now look at TRON with a much broader mind and accept the
wackiness of its premise. Also, we’ve come to appreciate Jeff
Bridges a whole lot more. The recent sequel wasn’t as good, but if
you can look past the dated CGI, the original is certainly a gem to

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